Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jeff, Jimmy, Paul & Mark

Some new musician friends I made after the golf tourney!
Jimmy is a percussionist (& also played the spoons with me for half the night) Paul is a horn player and Mark is a guitarist. Sounds like we've got the ingredients for a great jam nite

Mark, Emila, Ray, Barry, Louise & Jason

Sorry about the head crop, Mark. (Next time I'll take a better photo of you!!)

Louise was back out to the pub and this time brought along a whole "school of fish". (As it turns out I guess Ray is actually quite the "fisherman", and has the website to prove it!)

Paul, Cara, Unknown Sailor & Mark

It was the 10th Annual NIGEL CARNELL Memorial Golf Tourney @ the Crown & Anchor on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007.
Nigel must have been a great fellow, because so many people showed up to pay their respects!
(I don't know the "gent" in the background, he just kind of "sailed in" with a big smile on his face as I was clicking the picture,...the more the merrier, eh?!)

Andrew, Dawn & Jeff

Hey, I didn't realise that Andrew & Dawn knew Jeff....but, they all showed up at the Crown & Anchor.
Andrew & Dawn originally met each other here at the "Crown" and were married right in the pub. Andrew is a salesman for Pepsi (he gets up pretty early in the morning for work, so I'm surprised he stays so late). Dawn is a school counsellor and I'm told she really loves working with the kids!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Trudi & Larry

My new friends! These two were the "guest hosts" at the Girouxville Inn while their relatives (regular hosts, Marie & Cheryl) were off on a much needed holiday.
Nowadays, Trudi and Larry spend much of their time cruising around Arizona in their motor home.

Dan & Rosanne

These "folks" were out for the night celebrating their anniversary. (The anniversary of the last time they were out?!) Anyway, it was great to meet both of them.

Danny, Alain & Martin

Danny and his Dad, Alain visited the Girouxville Inn on "both nights" for some tunes & a cold one (or two!). Martin and Danny work together in the oilfield, as spray painters. Alain is a mechanic with Fountain Tire in Falher.

Danny, Alain, Lynda, Crystal, Duke, Lise & Noel

This crew was ready to "party on"! Here's a "moment in time" with some great folks I met at the Girouxville Inn. ( I'll have to work on improving my French for the next time I see my buddies.) Lise was celebrating her birthday a week early, but she and her "hubby" Duke and hard working folks who needed a night on the town!
Lynda works here at the Inn, but she and her husband Alain needed a night off too!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tara, Jackie & Jill

Our "fall" Tai Chi classes will be starting up soon. Here are three great "players" from our intermediate/advanced class (taken before our summer break). Tara juggles being a mom with her work as a paramedic. (Not sure how she finds time for tai chi, thankfully she has a supportive hubby to "share in the child care".)

Jackie loves her work as an office administrator (and a very articulate one I might add!) and Jill has a framing business (with her husband Henry) called "FrameWorks". (They do outstanding work!).

Carol, Lynn, Jeff, Sue & Micheline,

Here's a few of the participants from our "beginner" Tai Chi class. Carol and Lynn both came back for a "refresher", but Sue & Micheline were first timers. They did their homework and stayed on top of things by practising together whenever they could.
(The two of them were always laughing and cracking jokes which made for an entertaining class!!)

Monday, September 10, 2007

John & Heather

Here's a couple of friends I sat with at a wedding reception in Calgary.
Al & Wendy (not in this photo) got married in Nova Scotia but held a reception in Calgary on September 2/07.
John is a musician, and his friend Heather works in a furniture store (She keeps track of all the inventory). All night long,...everyone at the table was admiring Heather's beautiful hair!