Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Joanne, Bridget, Jodie & Dwayne

I thought I'd lost this photo from the Grimshaw Hotel...but it's all good! Joanne, Bridget & Jodie are all servers at the hotel.

Dwayne is a cook (currently working for KFC)who has worked in some very "posh" restaurants. I like his attitude. When I introduced myself he said, "There are no strangers in life,...just friends we haven't met yet".

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sheridan, Melissa, Adam & Paul (squatting)

More of the fine staff at the Crown & Anchor. (I finally got a "pic" of Sheridan!) Adam was doing his "ROBO-COP" impression here as he puts the finger on Paul.

Paul will have made a career change by the time this photo is posted. He promised me he'd be back in for a "cold one" next time I'm playing in Grande Prairie!

Me & my new friend, Alicia

Alicia has only been in Grande Prairie for a few months. She's originally from the maritimes and I know she misses all her friends & family back home. To get into the spirit of things, she came up and sang a song with me, and did a good job too!!

Yvan & Sue

Sue hardly sat in one place for more than a few minutes...she was up dancing to almost every song at the Crown & Anchor. Yvan even got up once or twice to "groove" along!

Paul, Kristy, Tammy, Adam, Melissa

Five fantastic smiles... five "fabulous staff" members. I was lucky to be able to catch so many of the Crown & Anchor staff in one photo!
When I'm playing in Grande Prairie, I have a song that each of them likes to hear. It's just my way of thanking them for the great service they offer!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mike, Jaynee & Mitch

It's always great to see my friend Jaynee and her "beau" Mike.
Jaynee is like "family" to me and I've known her since my days in Calgary when I used to play with "Fooks & McCann".
Mike is a hardworking guy currently serving the oilpatch in Grande Prairie.

Mitch brought his saxaphone along this night and joined me onstage for "half a dozen" tunes. Wow, what a promising young player!!

Dan, Melissa & Shawn

After "cooking up" some of the finest food around, "Crown & Anchor" kitchen staff, "Dan & Shawn" decided to enjoy some of Melissa's hospitality. (I mean hey,...their shift was over and they wanted to party too!)

Thanks guys, for the great food! I always look forward to the awesome English style "fish & chips" these guys make up for me whenever I play in Grande Prairie.

Maxine & Paul

Paul's a very busy guy so I was surprised he found time to "get out" to the Crown & Anchor in Grande Prairie. In addition to being an outstanding musician, he does musical instrument repairs and if that's not enough...he works "part-time" for UPS.

Paul and his wife Maxine are going to be celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. (Way to go you guys!!) Maxine works as a "certified" driving examiner, trying to ensure that "only the best" drivers are on the road.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jean-Marc, Melissa & Louise

Once again Melissa is serving up some "Crown & Anchor hospitality" to her patrons, Jean-Marc and Louise in Grande Prairie.
It turns out that Louise knew some "friends & neighbours" of mine from the Falher/Girouxville area.

Tanya & Fraser

These two folks really made an impression on me! I couldn't help notice how Tanya and Fraser seemed like they had "enough of a glow going on" that I almost didn't bother using a flash!
Tanya is a stylist with "Pink Rain" in Grande Prairie and Fraser is a "freedom fighter" with Canada's peacekeeping forces. He'll be heading out soon to serve his country over in Afghanistan. We'll be pulling for you Fraser!!

Brenda, Darren & Jeff

Good to finally meet my buddy Darren's girlfriend! Brenda works at 97.7 SUN FM in Grande Prairie. (She knows my musician friend Kevin Becker who is also a DJ at the station).
Darren is a hard working "rep" with "PEPSI", as well as being a great singer and musician (he even opened for "Trooper" many years ago!).
And hey Jeff, it was great to meet you too!

(update August 29/07 "I just got word that Brenda is now working for 104.7 FREE FM")

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Amber, Mark & Cara

One man for every two women? (Well maybe!)
Amber and Cara are both servers at a pub in Grande Prairie but they needed to get out to the Crown & Anchor for some music and a few drinks.
I know it looks like Mark has his eyes closed but that's just 'cause he was giving both his friends a very "loving" hug!

William & Tammy

Tammy is a "woman of her word"! I met her while I was ordering business cards at the Print Shop in Grande Prairie & she told me she would come out and see me perform at the Crown & Anchor next time I was playing. She also brought her friend William. (William works as a parts person for a company that services the "heavy duty" equipment industry.)

And hey,...if you ever need a car go see Tammy! She's a great salesperson at Grande Prairie Subaru North.

Jason, Barb, Jeff & Nathan

Here's a shot of some of my good buddies from when I was performing at the Strathmore Hotel

Nathan, Jason, Barb & Murray

It was great to see all my old friends who came out to the Strathmore Hotel.
Nathan is a youth counselor, Jason is a photographer and journalist, Barb is a town administrator ( for the town of Vulcan I believe) and Murray is an accountant as well as being a great photographer, musician and squash player.

Both Murray and Jason have contributed photos for my promotional material. (In fact one of Jason's photos appears on the back of my CD cover.)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Peggy, Val, Don, Rena & Hughena

This was a "going away" party for Val, who was leaving town to live with her "sweetie" down in Edmonton. The whole crew came down to Jimmy's Sports bar in Slave Lake for one last nite together!

James & Carl (aka "Frenchy")

Bottle Juggling Bartenders @ Jimmy's Sports Bar in Slave Lake.

Danny, Sherrelle, Mario, Phyllis & Art

Some of new friends from the maritimes! (Hope I spelled all the names correctly!)

Phyllis & Art came back for another nite at the Black Horse Pub and brought their friends down to meet me! Thanks guys,'s great to make new friends!!

Tim, Amanda, Ken & Kevin

Amanda was "serving up" drinks for these guys at the Black Horse Pub, and agreed to sit in for a "pic"!

Reno, "Elusive Joe" & Adam

Just as I was clicking this picture a the Black Horse Pub, Elusive Joe (orange T-shirt) "jumped in" to be included. Before I could get his name...he was gone!! Reno and Adam work in Fort McMurray.
Reno also plays some "drums" whenever he can. Adam will eventually be going back to school (maybe even back to Simon Fraser "U" to join his girlfriend?).
And hey, Reno...that's MY beer you're drinking!! (chuckle.)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rory, Jenn, Claudio, Chantal, Keith, Cass & Michelle

It was party time at the Black Horse Pub...& these guys were having a blast!
(Geez, I hope I got everyone's name right!!)
Jenn & Chantal are Tupperware distributors and decided to come down to the pub after a long day working on their marketing plans (I think Chantal is actually a D.M. for Tupperware).
Keith works with the "Long Lake Project" and Claudio is a service technician from Ontario who was helping Keith install some new equipment. (Fort McMurray is still a booming place!)
Cass and Coral are both servers at the Pub. I Look forward to seeing you all next time!!

Phil, Amanda & John

If you're ever in Fort McMurray, be sure to stop in to the Black Horse Pub. Here's a snapshot of some of the great staff at the pub. Phil & John both "manage" this fine drinking establishment.
Amanda (she's the one in the middle with the pretty smile) is one of the many great servers they have at the pub.

Go Vinnie Go!

Vince Gorham keeping the beat! "Vinnie and I" sometimes perform at the Peace Valley Inn.
Vinnie also plays drums on "Imperfection" one of the tracks from my debut CD "Serpent on the Grass". In addition to being a great drummer, Vince is also an excellent vocalist!

Jack & Zoltan

Okay,...maybe the music was "a little loud"! I met these guys at "the Pub" in the Peace Valley Inn (located in beautiful downtown Peace River, Alberta).
Both of these gentlemen are mechanics and work all day repairing helicopters. Their job is probably not the easiest one in the world, and so they really needed to "sit back, listen to my music and sip on a cool one"!

Ryan & Luke

Here's a couple of my buddies from the maritimes. I originally met them at "the Pub" in the Peace Valley Inn, Peace River. If I'm not mistaken these two guys live in the same town "back east" and both came to Alberta to make their fortune!

Katie, Laurie & Kendall

I owe a big apology to these folks!! I met them at the Crown & Anchor and I've been promising them for ages that I would post this photo here on my "Band Buddies" blog. (So many technical delays but at it is ladies!)
Laurie (middle) is Kendall's mom and I think she told me she works for a trucking firm in Grande Prairie (she may have even said that she DRIVES a semi,...not sure tho!) Kendall works in a LOVE shop, and wants to eventually become a sex therapist who helps women experience total bliss! Good luck Kendall,...hope your dream comes true!!

Shawn, Brittany, Natalie & Francios

Here's some more friends from the Crown & Anchor. These folks were all working in Grande Prairie, but were from other parts of Canada. Brittany was from B.C. but Natalie and Francios were from Quebec. My hat goes off to Francios who was doing his very best to learn to speak English. (I thought he was doing pretty good!!)

Ivy, Jody, Rob & Andrew

This shot was taken at the Crown & Anchor in Grande Prairie. These are some of my friends sitting around the piano bar. Ivy & Jody also sing with their church group.
(Sometimes Ivy gets up and sings along with me on stage.) Andrew (far right) and his wife Dawn (she's not in this photo) met at the Crown & Anchor and were actually married here in the pub!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Ron Good -- Shark's (June '07)

This photo was taken at our Sunday night "jam" at Shark's. Ron was also in attendance my CD release party, held in November, 2006. I'm grateful to Ron for coming out that night and playing "live" on "A Better Picture". He also played on the same track on my CD. The CD is called "Serpent on the Grass", and if you go to "music" on my website you can hear a clip of the track which features Ron's fabulous harmonica playing. In addition to being a great harmonica player, Ron also creates websites. In fact Ron created my website! You can check out his work on my site (if you haven't already) at and while you're there, check out the link to my performance schedule.