Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mike, Jaynee & Mitch

It's always great to see my friend Jaynee and her "beau" Mike.
Jaynee is like "family" to me and I've known her since my days in Calgary when I used to play with "Fooks & McCann".
Mike is a hardworking guy currently serving the oilpatch in Grande Prairie.

Mitch brought his saxaphone along this night and joined me onstage for "half a dozen" tunes. Wow, what a promising young player!!

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14gr8fn said...

Jaynee is a wonderful person! I have know her for over 30 years and I love her like my sister. Over the years our communication has lessened, but we have always been there for each other when needed. This is the first time I haven't heard from her on my birthday in all those years and I am concerned. I googled her name and found this picture. I live in the States and and don't know if she is okay or how to find her. If anyone reads this and can help me, I'd appreciate it. My email is: Be sure to put Jaynee in the subject box. Thanks a bunch!