Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Michelle, Anne & Gladys

Anne & Gladys came back for a second night and brought Michelle with them. It turns out that Michelle is Anne's daughter. (hey, I thought they were all sisters!)
Three of the nicest people you could ever meet!! I Look forward to seeing you all next time I'm in Fort McMurray.

Keith, Jolene & Paddy

Jolene was getting lots of attention from these two characters! She is one of the great servers at the Black Horse Pub & is also an outstanding vocalist. What's more,...she competed in Canadian Idol, and made it to the top 100!
Jolene "came up" and sang "Something to Talk About" (written by Shirley Eckhart, covered by Bonnie Raitt) and did a fabulous job of the song!!

Angie, Jeff, Anne & Gladys

We had a bit of a time convincing Angie to stay in the photo, but I'm glad she did!
I had a good time talking to Gladys & Anne for much of the night (Angie had to get back to her buddies).

Jeff, Amanda, Paddy & Keith

It was Paddy's birthday and we were all ready to have fun! (...actually I think Paddy's name is Michel, but he makes for a good Paddy!) Afterward Paddy got up and sang a C.C.R. tune with me,...and he did a great job, too!!

Keith, Angie, Anne, Gladys & Jeff

(Keith likes to get in on the party!) I met these lovely ladies while playing at the Black Horse Pub in Fort McMurray!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Janice's Going Away Party!

That's Janice in the middle wearing the white jacket. A whole bunch of her good friends, (some of them "former staff" from the Crown & Anchor) came out to give her a proper send-off. Hope all goes well for you in Penticton, Janice!!

Joanne, David, Jaynee & Mike

Hey Jaynee & Mike, thanks for a great supper. was great to see you again, and nice to meet you David! When you've got friends and family in the audience it's like being right at home.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Julie, Tammy, Chiquita (back), Shanee, Amber & Sheridan

Here's more of the staff from the Crown & Anchor. Some were "off" for the night, some of them were done their shift & the rest were still "plugging away".

Shane & his lovely lady Andrea

These two recently moved from Edson, Alberta to Grande Prairie. It was great to meet them at the "Crown". After chatting with them, I found out they also used to live in Calgary and were familiar with some of the clubs I used to perform at "down south".

They also purchased one of my CD's (that's what Andrea is holding). Hey guys,...thanks for supporting Alberta original music!

(Unknown dude), Tanya, Daneille, Colleen, Justin, Jason (& unknown dude holding a beer)

Sorry about the missed names!
"The Twins" Justin & Jason were out celebrating their birthday....hey careful guys, that's Colleen getting "squashed" on!!

Nate & April

These two knew each other back home in the maritimes, but have become "romantically entwined" since they moved to Grande Prairie. As the saying goes, "sometimes you travel a thousand miles to find that which is in your own backyard"!
Nate is a foreman at Totem Lumber and April is a Nanny who plans on taking over the "Nanny 911" show real soon!!

I've chatted with Nate a few times at the Crown and since purchasing my CD he's been very supportive of my music.

Jeff, Shanee, Chiquita, Amber, Julie & Sheridan

Here I am "yakking & yuk-yukking" with the staff at the Crown and Anchor! I always feel like I'm with family when I perform at this fabulous pub!!

Gloria, Bob, Jodie & Marcie

It was a quiet night at the "Crown" but these folks help make it a good night!
Gloria is a newcomer to Grande Prairie, (she's originally from Manning) but she seems to like her new home!!