Saturday, May 24, 2008

Todd, Debbie & Jeff

Debbie has been a myspace friend of mine for a couple of years now,'s always cool to meet your online friends in person! She and Todd also met online and now they are newlyweds! Thanks for coming out to see me and all the best to you two!!

Brad & Conneth

A couple of new friends I made at Sherlock Holmes. Both fans of classic rock and the blues...I was able to do a few of their favourite cover tunes, as well as some of my own blues tunes. Conneth told me he's been a patron of Sherlock's since they opened in the mid 80's. (Hope I got the spelling of your name right, Conneth!)

Robert, Christina & Chris

These two guys travelled over at least one border to get together for a beer! Robert flew all the way from Austria to have a cool one with his friend from the Southern States. Christina is one of the lovely servers at Sherlock Holmes.

Patti, Mike, Jeff & Wayne

I've known Mike for many years...he's an outstanding salesman from Blanchett Neon in Edmonton. It was good to finally meet his wife Patti. (This was their second night out to see me at Sherlock Holmes and this time they brought their good friend Wayne along.)

29Flight Batus Canada

These lads are "peace keepers" from the United Kingdom, that I met at Sherlock Holmes in West Edmonton Mall. They are currently stationed near Edmonton. One of the guys was celebrating his birthday (I'd say the loudest guy, but they were all quite a "vocal" bunch). Well done mates, serving Queen & Country!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Perry, Jeff, Keith, (L-R,top row) Wayne, Beta & Friend

Some more of the good folks that I met at the Black Horse Pub in Fort McMurray.
(Well,...Keith is a regular "stand-up kind of guy" at most of the parties that take place at the BHP)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


It was the 2008 Teacher's Convention in Grande Prairie, and they needed a nite out on the town! Admittedly not everyone in the picture is a teacher,...and I'm not sure they would want their identities known either!! That's Leonne (not a school teacher) in the B&W dress (right corner) celebrating her birthday that night.

Kim, Martin, Marty & Sam

Okay, I'll admit that I'm not sure "who is who", but the fact is they were having a great time!!

Group Hug @ The Crown & Anchor

Jaclyn, Jeff & Chris

These some of my friends from the Crown & Anchor. Jaclyn is a huge fan of '70's music & Classic Rock (I think Bob Dylan is one of her faves).

Brandi & Simon

These are some new friends I made at one of my gigs. Brandi and Simon came up and sang "Picture".

Monday, January 21, 2008

(Darcy, Anna, Theresa, Jim & Ryan)

My Buddies Jim & Ryan are great players from a band called "Horse Thief". They took a much needed break from their rehearsal schedule and came out to Crown & Anchor for a couple of drinks! (I even managed to get Ryan up to play a tune!)
Theresa (Jim's significant "other") helps keep the guys "in check"! Looking forward to hearing you guys with your new band mates.

Judy, Paulette, (unknown "party crasher" guy), Pam & Cécile

Judy, Paulette, Pam & Cécile

Paulette left "northern Alberta" for a while (& had a taste of life in "cowtown" Calgary) but then decided she couldn't bear to be away from all her friends, and moved back to Grande Prairie! Good to see you back again, Paulette!!