Sunday, November 25, 2007

Group Hug!!

Some of the best times at the Crown & Anchor, happen around the piano bar.

Friends Forever!

I'm kicking myself for misplacing names...I know it's Chelsy on the right but I seem to have misplaced the other young lady's name. (I'm hoping one of them will drop me a note or leave a comment so I can remedy my negligence!)

Leanne, Anna, Jill, Melissa & Steve

This was the first time I'd met Jill. I guess she has worked "the Crown" for a while but only does the occasional night now and then.

"Arthur Murray School of Dance" grads??!

I don't know about dance grads, but it was just a matter of time before Brenda, Zorda, Jody, Gail and Donna managed to infiltrate the rest of the Crown & Anchor patrons and have everybody partying! (...sorry gents, I didn't get your names!!)

Brenda, Jody, Zorda, Gail, Jeff & Donna

I couldn't pass up the invitation to be in on the photo with these party-goers!!

Brenda, Jody, Zorda, Gail & Donna
(Girls just wanna have fun!)

Once these lovely ladies showed up at the Crown Anchor the party really got going!

Leanne, Anna, Melissa & Steve

After a hard day at better place for a cold drink than at work. Here's some of the Crown & Anchor staff enjoying some leisure time. It was good to finally get a "pic" of Leanne and Anna....and nice to meet Melissa's beau, Steve. Steve is a salesman at GP Mazda in Grande Prairie. (...who knows, if you tell him you saw his photo on my website he might even give you a better deal on your next car?!)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tony, Sean & Paul

Three musketeers (or three stooges?)...either way, it was good to see Paul again. He used to work here at the Crown & Anchor and he brought his room-mate and his "supervisor" out for a nite of merriment!

John, Yvonne & Derrick

Yvonne and her son Derrick were out to enjoy an evening with their friend John.
Yvonne seemed to know most of the words to the songs I was playing,...and then she purchased one of my CD's. Good to meet you all!

Dawn & Val
(Good friends from way back!)

(Is there a town named Wayback?...) Dawn and Val have been good friends for a long time and I'm glad they chose they Crown & Anchor in Grande Prairie to celebrate their re-union!
Val was visiting from Whitecourt, Alberta.

Ivan, Sarah, Gwen & Jim

Sarah wasn't around for the first "pic" but we managed to locate and include her in this one! (...and hey guys, thanks for purchasing my CD & supporting my music!!)

Ivan, Gwen & Jim

Here's some new friends I made at the Crown & Anchor.